iversity Online Course: Design 1o1 Redux – Part 2 : My House

Course starts: 4 January 2016
Open to: everyone interested with the internet access
Costs: audit track for free / Certificate Track – EUR 99 / ECTS Track – EUR 149 / ECTS Track Bundle – EUR 269


“Design 1o1 Redux” is an introduction to design through 101 exercises. A six-month journey divided into 3 courses “online” on iversity (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), one final exhibition /graduation party and an “offline” workshop in which you will go one step beyond. Design 1o1 Redux Part 2: My House is focused on spaces, furniture, objects, memories. Our houses are composed of fascinating elements. In this part of the Design 1o1 Redux, you will rethink these components in order to design your own “homes”, the places where you live (or, “where the heart is” as Pliny the Elder would say). Can we trap time into space? How to frame the ordinary? These are some of the many things the course explores!


The course is available online for everybody interested in the topic with the stable access to internet. No previous knowledge is required.


  • To develop some basic design attitudes for better understanding the mechanics of today’s world;
  • Learn that “design” is foremost a language shared, talked and discussed by designers worldwide;
  • How does the world look through the special lenses of “design”;
  • Learn about a considerably high number of things, starting from your very own self.

How to enroll?

You can enroll for FREE at the iversity platform HERE. The course is in the duration of 8 weeks with the workload between 4 and 7 hours a week. Everyday, from Monday to Friday you will receive a package via email. Each package will contain a 15-second video to watch, a pdf-letter introducing the daily brief (or “homework”) and a series of objects, characters and happenings intertwined with the narrative of the course. You can follow certificate track for EUR 99 OR ECTS Track for EUR 149, OR ECTS Track Bundle for EUR 269.

For more information visit official website.

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