Hosting EVS project

This project will take place in a nice and well developed town Žilina, in renew organization Súkromne Centrum voľného času, Pivovarská 3, Žilina called also Private Leisure center Žirafa. Our logo is GIRAFFE. We chose this one because giraffe is know as an animal with the biggest heart in animals world. And it directly reflects our priorities and themes (children, quality sport leagues, leisure time, activities for kids and adults, many events, non-formal education, friendly way of giving knowledges and friendships).
Volunteers will be in our center during 8 months from January 2014 to September 2014. We would like to host 2 volunteers for the very simple reason – we would like to provide to our members multicultural environmnent and the easiest way of non-formal learning by being in natural background of foreign languages.
We want to emphasize and share an idea that it ´s normal to feel free and comfortable when we are close to foreigners and face to face to their language.

Therefore we look for volunteer with sporting soul and love to kids who should have a strong interest in preparing sport events and being participant on them, also in making activities in afterschool club with young people between 5 and 18 years old. We search for active helper in organizing floorball, futsal and hockey ball matches, helping referee at city´s sport leagues, timekeeper, web admin, coorganizator of tournaments, sport weekends and sport sessions and sport camps, helping at tutoring in our after-school time club for kids, preparing activities for them, playing games with them, spending free time with them. Furthermore, volunteer could prepare own new projects such as youth exchanges or participation to international seminars.

Our volunteers will be part of our colleague team and we would like to give them the best we can for feeling good. Volunteers will get base of Slovak language, they will improve English as well, they will meet many new people and know new cultures what support their knowledges and self-confidence. We are emphasizing the importance of participation in a group. The result is visible: thinking more collectively what makes them more emphatic, we teach them also to be beaten, not only the winner. They would solve problems with compromises and they become to be more tolerant against nationatilities.

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