Euro Coaching is selecting 4 Spanish young people for EVS

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The project “Your Work is Visible” is a 18 months long EVS (European Voluntary Service) project run by the Euro Coaching Association. In this project 6 volunteers from Spain will come to Bucharest, Romania for a period of 4 months. In this period the volunteers will help the NGO sector in Romania to increase their online presence.

What will you do in this EVS:

  • you will build websites for small NGOs;
  • you will optimize them for search engines;
  • you will report on the activities of NGOs in Bucharest (participate in them, write articles about them, record  them and create multimedia content and then post them on the Internet);
  • you will promote the activities of NGOs in Bucharest on the project’s website and will help NGOs make their work more visible.

The most important three goals of this EVS project are:

  • to increase the web presence of small NGOs;
  • to develop IT competences among 6 volunteers;
  • to make these 6 volunteers more employable and offer them an international experience.

We will focus on non-formal education methods to make it easier for volunteers to gain IT compentences.

We are looking for young people from Spain that:

  • are under 30 years old;
  • are tolerant;
  • are ready to learn to build websites, create multimedia content and report on the NGO activities in Bucharest;
  • want to discover a new culture;
  • preferably have a disadvantage background (didn’t go to University, are unemployed, are living in rural areas or have a difficult economical situation at home)

Romanian language courses will be provided. We do not ask for a specific educational background, everything you need to learn you will learn here.

Please contact us only if your profile is suitable and you are committed to participate. Please use the contact form on this website to contact us. In the message, please write the following information:

  • Your motivation (short);
  • full name;
  • address, telephone, e-mail;
  • date of birth;
  • gender;
  • contact person in case of emergency (name, phone, e-mail);

Also include a yes or no answer to the following questions:

  • Do you live in a rural area?
  • Are you unemployed?
  • Do you have a bad financial situation?
  • Did you go to college?
  • Do you have chronic health issues?

Deadline: 4th of December 2013.


5 Responses to “Euro Coaching is selecting 4 Spanish young people for EVS”

  1. Celia Perez Gracia says:

    I am a 26 years girl from spain interested in joining your proyect in february.I have been volunteering since i could, specially with kids as learning supporter in my home town and later with people with special needs. Currently I am living in Auckland (New Zealand), but i will leave the country in two weeks because my contract finishes now (im working as spanish assistant in a couple of high schools here) i love travelling, i love meeting people and learning from them. I would love to be a good teacher in the future and I am taking some time to travel and improving my inner skills. I will be unemployed in two weeks, as i mentioned before,without any kind of money income…so I think it would be a perfect opportunity to me for going there, help you and why not learning some Romanian (I love languages!)i went to uni, but nowadays…because of the crisis situation in Spain it doesn’t mean much here and i don’t have any health issues.

    my date of birth is 31 December of 1986
    phone:0064223089256 (New Zealand), 0034699571282 (Spain)

    1. Celia Perez Gracia says:

      forgot my adress! Paseo de la Estación nº48 2ºC cp.37004 Salamanca (España)

      Do you live in a rural area? no
      Are you unemployed? yes
      Do you have a bad financial situation? yes
      Did you go to college? yes
      Do you have chronic health issues? no

  2. Alfonso says:

    hello, I would like to participate in your EVS program, the last year I was in a training course founded by the youth in action program in Romania (Sacelu) and I had the oportunity to know a lot of things about the culture and the history of Rumania. I have studied social work and I’m interested in the audiovisual media, so I consider that this evs would be for me a great oportunity, and I could learn and share everything I learn.

    Alfonso Garcia Marcos
    Av/Ruta Jacobea, nº103
    San Miguel del Camino (Leon)
    +0034 666642940
    [email protected]

    Contact person Silvia García Marcos +0034 722147934

    Also include a yes or no answer to the following questions:
    ◦Do you live in a rural area? Yes
    ◦Are you unemployed? Yes
    ◦Do you have a bad financial situation? Yes
    ◦Did you go to college? Yes
    ◦Do you have chronic heath issues? No

  3. Manuel says:

    Hello, im Manuel, a spanish boy.
    im 21 years old.
    right now I am unemployed,
    I am a competent, enthusiastic guy and I want to learn.
    I am tolerant and I enjoy meeting new cultures,
    I can speak English, and have worked in English-speaking countries …
    I would like to work with you, because i like to travel alot and know new ways. This year I will not study so I’ll have free time. I was born the 24,3,1992
    my phone number is 687071923
    or 0034687071923

  4. David Pérez González says:

    Dear EVS organizers.

    My name is David Pérez Gonzalez. I would like to support your team in Romania. It´s a country that I always wanted to visit because of the culture and people.

    I´m very interested in informal- non formal education. I took part in two youth in Action Programmes and I had the chance to do it.

    Right know I´m working with a lawyer in the south of Italy until 22 of december with the Leonardo da Vinci programme. I studied one year in the south of Italy with Erasmus programme and I used to work in a trade union helping workers. Due to this I´m very broad minded and I am able to adapt quickly to new surroundings and situations.

    My the telephone number is 00 34 606589834. I was born 10 january 1988 and I live in C/ Casillas nº9 3ºB 09002, Burgos

    Do you live in a rural area? no
    Are you unemployed? yes
    Do you have a bad financial situation? yes
    Did you go to college? yes
    Do you have chronic health issues? yes

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