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Description Erasmus Plus National Projects

The only projects that are possible at a national level under Key Action 3 are in youth field: structured dialogue.

What is it?

Structured Dialogue with young people serves as a forum for continuous joint reflection on the priorities, implementation, and follow-up of European cooperation in the youth field.

It involves consultations with young people and youth organisations at all levels in EU countries, at EU youth conferences organised by the countries holding the EU presidency, and at the European Youth Week.

What are the aims?

The Structured Dialogue focuses on a different theme for each of its 18-month work cycles (set by the Council of Youth Ministers). The thematic priority for January 2013 – June 2014 is social inclusion of young people.

Structured Dialogue happens at the EU Youth Conferences organised by each of the 3 countries holding the Presidency of the EU Council during each work cycle. These countries also set specific priorities for their Presidencies, in line with the overall thematic priority.

Irish Presidency (Jan – June 2013): Quality Youth Work

Lithuanian Presidency (June – Dec 2013): Young people not in education, employment or training

Greek Presidency (Jan – June 2014): Culture and Entrepreneurship

Who is involved?

Structured Dialogue with young people is conducted around the current theme at both national and EU level. National consultations of young people and youth organisations are conducted in all member countries prior to the EU youth conferences organised by each country holding the EU presidency.

In the member countries, the participatory process is organised by national working groups comprising, amongst others:

  • representatives of ministries for young people’s affairs,
  • national youth councils,
  • local and regional youth councils,
  • youth organisations,
  • young people from diverse backgrounds, and
  • youth researchers.
How does it happen?

The consultations of the national working groups feed into the EU Youth Conference, where youth representatives and policy-makers debate the outcomes of national consultations before agreeing on Joint Recommendations. These in turn are addressed to the European institutions and national authorities.

The Structured Dialogue is implemented at EU level through a European Steering Committee (renewed for every 18-month working cycle) comprising:

  • representatives of the three EU presidency countries,
  • national youth councils,
  • national agencies of Erasmus+,
  • representatives of the European Commission, and
  • representatives of the European Youth Forum.

The latter  chair the Committee during the 18-month working cycle.

Source: European Commission

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