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Erasmus Plus Deadlines (Erasmus+)

All eForms must be submitted online only, you should not send hard copies to your National Agency.

The deadlines when you should send your documents are: 17th March, 30th April and 1st of October 2014.

All documents must be submitted before 12:00 PM (CET - Central European Time).

Type 17th March - 12:00 PM 30th April - 12:00 PM 1st of October - 12:00 PM
Schools Mobility Projects Strategic Partnerships ---
Universities Mobility Projects Strategic Partnerships ---
VET Mobility Projects Strategic Partnerships ---
Adult Education Mobility Projects Strategic Partnerships ---
Youth Mobility Projects Mobility Projects
Strategic Partnerships
Structured Dialogue
Mobility Projects
Strategic Partnerships
Structured Dialogue

About the Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus + (2014-2020) is the new 14.7 billion euro catch-all framework program for education, training, youth and sport. It is built on the well-known and respected EU brand of the highly successful Erasmus student exchange program.

All previous programs like Youth in Action, Erasmus and LLP are included in Erasmus+. It is divided into 3 principal pillars: education and formation, youth, and sport.

The main objective of Erasmus plus is to improve employability of the youth by acquiring supplementary competences appreciated by employers, as well as improving their language skills and flexibility.

The Erasmus Plus programme is based around three different types of projects, known as Key Actions. These three Key Actions are:

• Key Action 1:Learning mobility of individuals;
It is addressed to Staff (teachers, trainers, school leaders and youth workers) and students. Here we can find the old Youth in Action actions 1.1, 3.1, 2 (EVS), 4.3 (which now can be up to 2 months).
• Key Action 2: Co-operation and Innovation for Good Practices;
It is addressed to Universities, international NGOs and youth workers. In this action will be included the old 1.2 action, but only the trans-national youth initiatives. The national youth initiatives will disappear. It will also be included short term and long term EVS for youth workers.
• Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform;
In this action will be included the old action 5 from Youth in Action. It will also be included EU presidency events and Council of Europe events.

You can read the Erasmus+ Guide and consult the Application eForms for Key Action 1(KA1):

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