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Nr. Name Date Website Mission Activities Specialisation Politics Attitude towards EU Important Members Type Audience EU funds Country City Member of
1 Bruegel 2005
Contribute to European and global economic policy- making through open, fact-based and policy- relevant research, analysis and debate
1) European Macroeconomics
2) Finance and Financial Regulation
3) Global Economics and Governance
4) Competition, Innovation and Sustainable Growth
- Blueprints
- Books
- Essays and lectures
- External publications
- Opinion pieces and columns
- Policy briefs and contributions
- Videos
- Blogs
- Breakfast lunches and dinner talks
- Debates
- Seminars
- Conferences
- External meetings and Bruegel annual meeting - Asia Europe Economic Forum
-Economic policy
-Financial regulation
-Global economic governance
Left PRO EU Jean-Claude Trichet Think Tank
-Cooperate Members: major EU and US companies
-State Members: +/- 18 EU member states
-Institutional Members: EIB, EBRD, Banque de France, Denmarksnationalbank, Central Bank of Poland, Caisse des Dépôts
-European Climate Foundation;
-EP ECON Committee
Belgium Brussels N/A
2 Carnegie Europe 2007 www.carnegie
Carnegie Europe combines the work of its research platform with the fresh perspectives of Carnegie’s centers in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and Beirut, bringing a unique global vision to the European policy community. Through publications, articles, seminars, and private consultations, Carnegie Europe aims to foster new thinking on the daunting international challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.
Research about EU policies and the neighborhood policy.
-Europe and the World
-Europe’s East
-Eurozone Crisis
-Strategic Europe
-Turkey’s Transformation
Centre- Right PRO EU Jan Techau Think Tank
-Corporate members
Belgium Brussels N/A
3 Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) 1983
To conduct state-of the-art policy research leading to innovative solutions to the challenges facing Europe
- Agriculture & Rural Policy
- Economic Policy
- Energy & Climate Change
- EU Neighborhood, Foreign & Security Policy
- Financial Markets & Institutions
- Justice & Home Affairs
- Politics & Institutions
- Regulatory Policy
- Social Welfare Policy
- Trade Developments & Policy
- Commentaries
- Policy briefs
- Working documents
- Task force reports
- Paperbacks
- Monthly newsletter
- Special reports
- Monthly newsletter
- Statistical packages
- Seminars
- Workshops
- Lunchtime Meeting series
- Conferences
- Task forces to assess EU policies and formulate recommendations
- EU internal and external policies
- Macroeconomic policy (EMU) and Financial Markets
- Institutional issues
Centre- Right PRO EU Daniel Gros Think Tank
- EU Officials ( de jure )
- Permanent Representations - Diplomatic Missions of third countries
- Academics and trade associations
- Representatives of the following industries: financial services, energy, telecommunications, public affairs, automotive, legal services and consumer goods
Europe for citizens
European Parliament
European Economic and Social Committee
Committee of Regions
Fundamental Rights Agency
Belgium Brussels TGAE EPIN ENEPRI
4 Egmont-Royal Institute for International Relations 1947 www.egmont
-It provides analysis and suggests international policy options on issues relevant to Belgium and to the EU, which are meant to be as operational as possible
-It has also to contribute to the awareness of the Belgian public opinion on these issues
1) Africa
2) European Affairs
3) Europe in the World
- Train Belgian civil servants on multilateral operations
- Diplomatic training on EU and International security issues
- Provide Belgian high school information
- Egmont Papers
- Studia Diplomatica (quarterly, also known as the Brussels Journal of International Relations )
- Africa Policy Briefs
- Security Policy Briefs
- EU affairs policy briefs
- Commentaries, press releases and books
- International security issues in sub-Saharan and in central Africa
- EU integration process & EU horizontal issues
- International security, EU strategic Partnerships & neighbourhoord policies, CFSP & CSDP
Left PRO EU Koen Vlassenroot Think Tank
-Belgian foreign policy community and citizens
-EU and EU member state think tanks
-Academic experts and experts from the European Commission or from other national or international institutions
Belgium Brussels EuroMeSCo EPIN TGAE
5 European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) 2008
EBTC's Mission is to assist the Business, Science & Research Community - in Europe and India - to work together towards generating new business opportunities in clean technology transfer & establishing business relevant cooperation in the field of research, science and technology.
All our activities at EBTC are geared towards generating new business opportunities and technology transfer, with a clear focus on four selected priority sectors: Energy, Environment, Transport, Biotechnology. EBTC also addresses market access, IPR, trade and investment issues.
-Trade and Investment;
Centre- Left PRO EU EURO CHAMBRES Network
-Policy makers;
-EU and Indian officials;
Belgium Brussels N/A
6 European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) 2006
The European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) is an independent and non-profit policy research think tank dedicated to trade policy and other international economic policy issues of importance to Europe.
ECIPE is rooted in the classical tradition of free trade and an open world economic order. Progressive reduction of barriers to the movement of goods, services, capital and people across borders creates prosperity, and improves the conditions for peace, security and individual freedom. But discussion and advocacy of abstract ideas is far from enough. ECIPE’s intention is to subject international economic policy, particularly in Europe, to rigorous scrutiny of costs and benefits, and to present conclusions in a concise, readily accessible form to the European public. We aim to foster a “culture of evaluation” – largely lacking in Europe – so that better public awareness and understanding of complex issues in concrete situations can lead to intelligent discussion and improved policies. That will be ECIPE’s contribution to a thriving Europe in an open world.
Right Reform EU Harvey Bale Think Tank
Civil Society;
Belgium Brussels N/A
7 European Institute for Asian Studies 1991
To promote understanding between the European Union and Asia. In its effort to strengthen ties between Asia and Europe and to ensure in-depth, comprehensive research and information exchange, EIAS recently set up an office in India.
By undertaking research, carrying out (research) projects and providing in-depth information through research papers, newsletters, news updates and other publications, EIAS seeks to act as a focal point for EU-Asia relations and studies in Europe. Reaching out to the wider public and all stakeholders involved, EIAS organises regular conferences, seminars and briefings on relevant topics in Asia, the EU and Asia-EU cooperation.
Centre- RIght PRO EU Ludo Cuyvers Think Tank
Corporate Members;
Policy makers;
Belgium Brussels N/A
8 European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation (MEDEA) 2001
MEDEA Institute seeks to foster the respect of pluralism, in which cultural tolerance is not based solely on a passive acknowledgement of other groups’ rights, but implies an active knowledge of these cultures, thereby bringing about mutual respect and understanding.
-EU-Arab world relations;
-Economy and Trade;
-Civil society;
-Israel-Palestine relations
Centre- Right PRO EU Pierre Colot Think Tank
-Policy makers;
-EU officials;
Belgium Brussels N/A
9 European Policy Center (EPC) 1996
- Committed to make European integration work;
- Providing its members and the wider public with rapid, high-quality information and analysis” on European and global policy- making
- Aims to promote a balanced dialogue between the different constituencies of its membership
Research: four flagship programmes:
1) European Politics and Institutions
2) European Migration and Diversity
3) Europe’s Political Economy
4) Europe in the world
Publications :
- Working papers (60- 200 pages, ISSN)
- Issue papers
- Shorter policy briefs (4 pages)
- Commentaries (2 pages)
- Newsletter
- Annual report
- Journal Challenge Europe
Events :
- Policy dialogues
- Briefings
- Seminars
- Conferences
- EU politics
-EU macroeconomics
-EU external action
-EU relations with the Western Balkans
-EU relations with the European neighbourhood
-EU migration policy
Left PRO EU Fabian Zuleeg; Think Tank
Diplomatic, governmental and intergovernmental organisations
-Europe for Citizens
-DG Employmen
Belgium Brussels TGAE
10 European Social Observatory (OSE) 1984
To analyse the impact of European policies on the social sphere at national and European level.
OSE is a centre for research, study and other activities in the field of social policy and employment in Europe. It formulates proposals, conducts research and produces training tools and backup for reflection on the social dimension of the European Union.
-education and training;
-employment and labour markets, restructuring and industrial change;
-gender and diversity;
-health care;
-institutional matters including citizenship;
-poverty and social exclusion;
-social dialogue;
-welfare systems and pensions
Left PRO EU N/A Think Tank
-Policy makers; -NGOs;
Belgium Brussels N/A
11 European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) 1995
It is the independent research and training centre of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) which itself affiliates European trade unions into a single European umbrella organisation.
Conducts studies on socio-economic topics and industrial relations and monitors European policy developments of strategic importance for the world of labour. It creates, what is more, bridges between the academic sphere, the world of research and the trade union movement in order to encourage independent research on topics of decisive relevance to the world of labour.
-EU institutional development;
-Labour Market;
-Trade Unions
Left PRO EU Botsch Andreas Think Tank
Belgium Brussels N/A
12 Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) 2008
The only progressive thinktank at European level establishes an intellectual crossroad between social democracy and the European project, putting fresh thinking at the core of its action.
-Socialist research;
-Gender issues;
-Sustainable economy;
-Global solidarity
Left PRO EU 41 foundations and think tanks Network
-Think Tanks;
-Socialist Parties
Belgium Brussels N/A
13 Friends of Europe 1999 www.friendsof
To stimulate thinking on the future of the EU and the challenges facing its citizens, confront ideas and to encourage wider interest in Europe’s future.
-Organisation of various forums and public debates on EU- related themes
-Publication of reports and policy briefings
-Co-founder of Europe’s World, a widely read and distributed policy journal
-Global Europe
-International Development
-Greening Europe
-The future of Europe
-Communicating Europe
-Competitive Europe
-Life quality Europe
Centre- Right PRO EU Etienne Davignon Think Tank
-EU and non-EU governments
-EU institutions
-International bodies
-Major European and global companies
-Trade associations
Think tanks and -research institutes
-Leading media
-Europe for citizens;
Belgium Brussels TTE
14 International Crisis Group (ICG) 1995
To prevent and resolve deadly conflict.
-EU aid;
-Crisis response;
Left PRO EU Louise Arbour NGO
-Government; -Civil society;
Belgium Brussels N/A
15 International Security Information Service Europe (ISIS) 1995
Facilitates parliamentary and inter-institutional dialogue with all stakeholders and provides policy input to strengthen common approaches to conflict prevention, crisis management, peace building, arms control and disarmament.
-European Security;
Right PRO EU Francois Ducrotte Think Tank
Belgium Brussels N/A
16 Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation 1998
Dedicated to promoting original thinking on the role of the European Union in an era of global change, engaging citizens and international partners in a creative debate on the issues that shape Europe’s future.
Its activities are focused in three core areas, each reflecting a major challenge for the Union: -Challenging the European Citizens
-Empowering Europe
-The Prevention of Conflict
-EU-China Relations
-Economic and Financial Governance and the Crisis
-European Foreign Policy and Defence
-Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment
-Citizens, Society and Democracy
Centre- Left PRO EU Pierre Defraigne Think Tank
-Policy makers;
Belgium Brussels N/A
17 Political Public Affairs Media Consultancy (POLINT) 2009
To provide EU officials with independent and non-partisan research and analysis.
The two main streams of our current work draw first on our export Knowledge of the functioning of the European Parliament and its component parts and second on a sustained engagement with the European and Asian Political Institutions generally over EU - East Asia relations
-EU Public Affairs;
-International Relations; -Asia;
Left PRO EU Glyn Ford Think Tank
-EU officials
Belgium Brussels N/A
18 The Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal 2003
Committed to defining and articulating mature, holistic and evidence-based strategies for managing current and future challenges. Serves as an incubator for novel ideas that offer new approaches to key challenges
- Policy briefs (25-70 pages)
- Euro Plus Monitor Competitiveness Ranking (about 70 pages)
- Interactive e-briefs (10-30 pages)
- Annual Report
- Newsletter (twice a year)
- Annual Founding Fathers Lectures
- Series of lectures within thematic “Initiatives”, such as Digital Agenda, Europe 2020, Innovation, Competitiveness, Skills and Human Capital, Entrepreneurship and Government Transformation Centres of Excellence
- Single Market Entrepreneurs (SME) Centre
- European Centre for Government Transformation
- StartUp Europe (from 2013)
- Gan Zhao Li Centre for Innovation and Sino- European Studies (from 2013)
- Innovation
- Growth
- Economic Governance
- Competitiveness
- Europe 2020
- Digital Europe
- Eco-innovation
- Social inclusion, education, human capital and skills
- Entrepreneurship
Left PRO EU Alessandro Leipold; Paul Hofheinz Think Tank
- Economists and thinkers
- Public figures/ officials
- Entrepreneurs and Innovators
- NGO leaders
- Business strategists Opinion makers and journalists
Europe for citizens
Belgium Brussels N/A
19 Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) 1974
to provide a high quality research on European integration based on a triple “A” approach: Analysis, Assessment and Advice in order to stimulate discussion on policies and political options for Europe
1)TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference, are a bi-annual forum in which TEPSA member institutes discuss the priorities of the incoming Council Presidency and other topics that are relevant on the current and future EU agenda with representatives from national and European political institutions, civil society, media and academia. 2)Research: - Politics; - Society; - Economy; TEPSA’s activities relate to European public policies and the EU’s political and policy agenda, mainly focusing on one of the three pillars: 1) Europe of Citizens and Democracy, 2) Institutional challenges and the future of the European Union, and 3) Enlargement, Neighbourhood Policy and Europe in the World.
- European governance -Participatory democracy -EU and international politics
Centre- Right PRO EU 33 members Network
- Network members; - Member states of the EU; - Universities; - Policy makers;
Europe for Citizens
Belgium Brussels N/A
20 Centre for European Reform (CER) 1998
Devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the European Union [...] a forum for people with ideas from Britain and across the continent
1) Britain and the EU
2) EU Budget and policies
3) EU foreign Policies
4) Institutions
5) Justice & Home Affairs
6) Economics & Finance
7) Energy & Environment
8) Education & Research
9) The Euro
10) Security & Defence Policies
11) Enlargement & Turkey
12) Neighbourhood Policy
13) Transatlantic Relations
14) Russia
15) China
16) The Middle East
-EU internal and external policies
-Britain in the EU
-Global trends
Right Reform EU Charles Grant Think Tank
-Corporate members;
-UK decision makers;
-US companies
United Kingdom London EPIN
21 Chatham House 1920 www.chatham
The mission of Chatham House is to be a world- leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all
1) Area Studies and International Law
2) Energy, Environment and Resources
3) International Economics
4) International Security
Research on Europe at Chatham House is focused on European countries and Europe-related institutions and their involvement in addressing the challenges posed in the areas of economics, climate change, energy, and security, the Eurozone crisis, EU Foreign Policy, Populist extremism
Centre- Left Reform EU Stuart Popham Think Tank
-Corporate members
ECRAN Project based
United Kingdom London N/A
22 Euclid Network 2007 www.euclid
Euclid Network is a growing community of civil society professionals who want to connect across borders for a stronger, more innovative and more sustainable European civil society.
-EU Civil society
Left PRO EU WCE Network
Civil society
United Kingdom London N/A
23 European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) 2007
To conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective European values based foreign policy
Activities include primary research, publication of policy reports, private meetings and public debates, “Friends of ECFR” gatherings in EU capitals and outreach to strategic media outlets.
-ECFR has national offices in seven European capitals (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Warsaw) which are platforms for research, debate, advocacy and communications
1) Wider Europe
2) China
3) Middle East and North Africa
Cross-cutting research:
1) Human rights
2) Security & Defence
Specific research:
1) Germany in Europe
2) Reinventing Europe
3) European Foreign Policy Scorecard
Centre- Right Reform EU Martti Ahtisaari Think Tank
-European foreign policy community
-Influential voices in foreign policy in Europe and in key places beyond
-Europe’s citizens, students and academics
United Kingdom London TEPSA
24 European Institute at the London School of Economics 1991 europeanInstitute
To study interdisciplinary the processes of integration and fragmentation within Europe.
Research and Courses (Masters and PhD)
-Governance and Democracy in the European Union
-European Society
-Political Economy in Europe
-Europe beyond the EU
Right Reform EU Geoffrey Goodwin Think Tank
United Kingdom London N/A
25 European Policy Forum 1992
To improve the quality of policy ideas for the UK and the EU.
It holds frequent special roundtables on topical issues which allow a fruitful exchange of confidential analysis, perspective and policy ideas for the benefit of better policymaking, better regulation and better legislation.
Right PRO EU N/A Think Tank
-Officials; -Students
United Kingdom London N/A
26 Federal Trust for Education and Research 1945
To study the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government.
-European Studies;
-UK-EU relations;
-UK economy
Centre- Right Reform EU Stephen Wall Think Tank
-Civil society;
-Policy makers.
United Kingdom London N/A
27 Foreign Policy Centre 1998
To develop policy ideas and inclusive partnerships that promote a fairer world.
-Eastern Europe;
-Social inclusion
Centre- Left Reform EU Josephine Osikena Think Tank
United Kingdom London N/A
28 Institute for Government 2008 www.institutefor
We work with political parties and senior civil servants, providing fresh thinking through research, events and leadership development.
-Fiscal policy;
-UK-EU relations
Right Reform EU Peter Riddell Think Tank
-Policy makers in UK
United Kingdom London N/A
29 Institute for Strategic Dialogue 2006 www.strategic
To develop multi-country responses to the major security and socio-economic challenges of our time and to enhance Europe’s capacity to act effectively in the global arena.
Activities include research, specialised task forces, high level policy briefings, scholarships and cross border networks that foster leadership and stability across Europe and its wider neighbourhood, actively bridging inter-communal, religious, socio-economic and political divides.
-EU Foreign Policy;
-EU-China relations;
Centre- Right PRO EU Peter Baldwin Think Tank
-Corporate members
United Kingdom London N/A
30 Overseas Development Institute (ODI) 1960
Our mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. We do this by locking together high quality applied research, practical policy advice, and policy-focused dissemination and debate. We work with partners in the public and private sectors, in both developing and developed countries.
-Research; -Publications; -Events;
-Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure
-Climate and Environment
-Development Progress
-Growth, Poverty and Inequality
-Humanitarian Policy Group
-International Economic Development Group
-Politics and Governance
-Private Sector and Markets
-Research and Policy in Development
-Social Development
-Social Protection
-Water Policy
Centre- Left PRO EU Kevin Watkins Think Tank
-Policy makers; -NGOs
United Kingdom London N/A
31 Oxford Council on Good Governance (OCGG) 2003
To provide advice to high level policy makers in the UN, EU, Russia, China and the US in order to 1) promote a better world order, security, justice, welfare, and progress for humanity at a global scale, 2) strengthen the governing institutions, and 3) support the legitimacy and effectiveness of public policies.
-EU Security;
-Human rights;
-Fiscal policies
Right Reform EU Chris Patten Think Tank
United Kingdom Oxford N/A
32 Policy Network 1998
To promote strategic thinking on progressive solutions to the challenges of the 21st century and the future of social democracy, impacting upon policy debates in the UK, the rest of Europe and the wider world.
Policy Network organise debates and conduct research on policy and political challenges that present all governments and political parties with urgent dilemmas, either because sustainable solutions remain elusive, or because there are political barriers to their implementation.
-European integration
-Social democracy
Centre- Left PRO EU Peter Mandelson Think Tank
-Civil society;
United Kingdom London N/A
33 European Union Institute for Security Studies (ISS) 2002 ww.iss.
To provide analyses and fora for discussion that can be of use and relevance to the formulation of EU policy. In carrying out that mission, it also acts as an interface between European experts and decision-makers at all levels.
The Institute’s conferences, seminars and task forces are intended to enhance the Union’s analytical capacity and facilitate the shaping of common approaches. They bring together EU officials, national experts, academics, decision-makers, media and civil society representatives from the EU member states as well as the rest of the world.
-EU foreign policy;
-Security and defence;
Right PRO EU Cristina Barrios Think Tank
-EU officials;
-EU institutions.
It a EU agency dealing with the analysis of foreign, security and defence policy issues.
France Paris N/A
34 Forum Carolus 2006
To discuss European ideas and issues.
-EU regional policies;
-Alsace region; -EU integration;
Left PRO EU Francois Loos Think Tank
Local government
France Strasbourg N/A
35 Institut Francais de Relations Internationales (IFRI) 1979
To produce policy-oriented research on pressing international issues and the emergence of major global trends, and spark discussion between policymakers, researchers, and other leaders on both a domestic and international level
Research: 1) Asia
2) Migration and Citizenship
3) Economy
4) Energy
5) Franco-German Relations
6) Health
7) Middle East & North Africa
8) Russia/NIS
9) Security & Defence
10) European Questions
11) Central and South-East Europe
12) Space
13) Sub-Saharan Africa
14) Turkey
15) United States
16) Global Governance
-International relations
-French and EU external action
-Security and Defence
-Franco-German relations
-Transatlantic relations
Left PRO EU Alain Antil Think Tank
-Civil society
-General public
Europe for Citizens
France Paris EPIN
36 Notre Europe 1996
Produce analysis and policy proposals that strive for an ever closer union of the peoples of Europe
1) European Union and citizens
2) Competition, Cooperation, Solidarity
3) European external actions
- Studies and reports
- Policy papers
- Synthesis
- Public debates
- Seminars
- Conferences
- Workshops
Public advocacy: “the President, the Board and the team take positions on issues judged to be vital to the future of the EU”
-EU institutions,
-European democracy and elections,
-European parties and Parliaments,
-European identities,
-Economic and monetary union,
-European Budget

Left PRO EU Jacques Delors Think Tank
-European and national decision-makers
-Think tanks
-European economic and social actors
-Civil society,
-European citizens
Europe for Citizens
37 Robert Schuman Foundation 1991
Maintaining the spirit and inspiration of one of the ‘Founder Fathers’ of Europe and [...] promoting European values and ideals both within the Union’s frontiers as well as beyond
- Annual Schuman Report on Europe
- State of the Union
- Books
- Weekly newsletter (200,000 subscribers, 5 languages)
- Weekly Policy papers
- European issues
- Strategic paper European Elections Monitor
- Notes
- Collection of European Interview
: - Conferences
- Workshops
- Debates
- Training
Pro-EU advocacy:
supports the creation of European information centres, partnership with the main French publishing houses
-EU internal policies and institutional debate
-EU economics
-Human rights and migration
-Foreign policy
-EU relations with neighbours
Left PRO EU Michel Albert Think Tank
-Decision makers (politics, economy, media, etc.)
-Academics and students
-Wider public
Europe for Citizens;
DG Just
France Paris N/A
38 Sport and Citizenship 2007 www.sportet
Dedicated to the study of European public policies in the field of sport, and sport's societal impact in Europe.
-Research; -Events; -Centres;
-Sport; -EU Citizenship;
Left PRO EU N/A Think Tank
-NGOs; -EU institutions
Europe for Citizens
France Saumur N/A
39 World Pensions Council (WPC) 2008
Dedicated to innovative, enquiry based analysis that helps strengthen interdisciplinary research in all pensions-related fields.
-Pension Fund Governance
-Public and Private Pensions
-Sovereign Wealth Funds
-Comparative Pension Policy
-Pension Laws & Pension Rights
-Socially Responsible Investments
-Pension Reform
-Pensions & Social Participation
Centre- Left PRO EU N/A Think Tank
-Policy makers
France Paris N/A
40 Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) 1992
We want democracy to be a process whereby citizens take responsibility for their political institutions rather than a new dogmatic ideology that the avant-garde of the society imposes upon their “backward” brethren. The Caucasus Institute is a catalyst of public discussion: We gain knowledge on public problems, propose to the citizens our analysis, assessment and options for a solution, and broaden the circle of people who is willing and capable to debate public issues.
CIPDD plans to conduct comprehensive public policy research in the areas of its thematic priorities, produce relevant policy recommendations and try to influence actual political choices through cooperation with political actors:
1. Public policy debate and development
2. Democratic state and support for civil institutions
3. Civil integration in the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional environment
-Georgia-EU relations;
-EU integration;
Left PRO EU David Aprasidze Think Tank
-Caucasus civil society
Georgia Tbilisi NDRI PASOS
41 Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC) 2002
A think-tank and an advocacy group, aiming to promotion of democratic values, strengthening of civil society and the rule of law in Armenia, development of free market economy, regional integration and peaceful resolution of regional conflicts.
ACGRC's regular activities also include organising Schools on Human Rights and European Integration.
-Study of globalisation issues, -Study of global processes and their influence on regional cooperation
-Protection of human rights within the globalisation processes.
ACGRC's regular activities also include organising Schools on Human Rights and European Integration. Aiming to dissemination of knowledge about human rights among Armenian students and youth activists
-Armenian-Turkish Relations;
-EU policy in Caucasus
Left PRO EU Leonidas Donskis Think Tank
-Armenian civil society;
-Caucasus decision-makers;
Project based
Armenia Yerevan N/A
42 Association for International Affairs (AMO) 1997
To conduct research, host educational programmes in the fields of international affairs, foreign policy and security studies. The Association’s primary regional focus is on the Czech Republic and EU.
-formulates and publishes briefing, research and policy papers;
-arranges international conferences, expert seminars, round tables, public debates;
-organizes educational projects;
-presents critical assessment and comments on current events for local and international press;
-creates vital conditions for growth of a new expert generation;
-supports the interest in international relations among broad public;
-cooperates with like-minded local and international institutions.
-Open Society
Centre- Left PRO EU Antonín Berdych Think Tank
-Czech policy makers and civil society
Czech Republic Prague PASOS DEMAS
43 Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) 1973
Promotes good global governance based on democratic practices at the local, national and supranational level in order to ensure people’s basic needs for freedom and a life without fear”
1) European Foreign Policy and Relations with its Immediate Neighbours
2) Security Sector Reform
3) Intercultural Dynamics
4) Migration Policy in Europe
5) International Relations of Cities and Regions
6) EU Enlargement
-International relations and global governance
-EU external action Spanish Foreign Policy
Geographic focus:
- European Commission
- Former Soviet Space
- North Africa
- Central Asia
- Latin America
Centre- Right Reform EU Carles Gasoliba Think Tank
-Catalonian and Spanish opinion- makers and policy- makers
-European policy research and practitioner community
-European institutions,
-Think tanks
National representations
FP7; Europe for Citizens
Spain Barcelona EuroMeSCo EPIN
44 Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) 2006
To create a non-partisan platform for dialogue on the key issues of the development of Belarus, and on the country’s economic, social and foreign policies, which will have to be efficiently dealt with by any political authority. BISS aims to foster a dynamic and enabling research programme allowing the consolidation of the efforts of the expert community in order to develop comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of change in Belarusian society.
-Belarus’s path in Europe -Social Contracts in Contemporary Belarus -Energy Club -Quarterly monitoring -Belarus Public Policy Fund
-European Union -Society -Economics -Russia -Energy -Politics -Security
Left PRO EU Alexei Pikulik Think Tank
-Belgian civil society;
Belarus Minks PASOS
45 Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) 1997
Dedicated to advancing security of the citizens and society they live in on the basis of democratic principles and respect for human rights. In the midst of the Centre's interest are all policies aimed at the improvement of human, national, regional, European, and glob BCSP supports consolidation of security sector reform and integration of Western Balkan countries into the Euro Atlantic community.
research, analysis and policy recommendations, advocacy, education, publishing, expert support to reforms, and networking of all relevant actors.
-Security; -Balkan-EU relations
Centre- Right PRO EU Sasa Djordjevic Think Tank
Balkan civil society
Serbia Belgrade PASOS
46 Bertelsmann Stiftung 1977
The foundation aims to identify social problems and challenges at an early stage and develop exemplary solutions to address them
1) Politics
2) Society
3) Economy
4) Education
5) Health
6) Culture
Publications :
- Reports
- Analyses
- Books
-Global and European governance
-Participatory democracy
-EU and international politics
-Demographic and social trends
-Education and lifelong learning
-Intercultural dialogue, values and society
Right Reform EU Brigitte Mohn Think Tank
-Political leaders
-Academic institutions
-Wider public
Germany Gutersloh BTTD
47 Center for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) 1997
CEDEM’s vision is Montenegro as a strong participatory democracy integrated into the European Union and fully committed to European values and the rule of law.
-organising research and analytical projects in the field of democratic transition and human rights in Montenegro;
-organising conferences, roundtables, meetings, seminars, workshops, training events and other activities oriented towards encouraging the process of democratic transition;
-influencing legislative activities through recommendations for legislation and legislative amendments;
-European Integration projects;
-Publishing its works and results in its own publications or through the most influential independent media; co-operating with other similar NGOs from Montenegro and from abroad.
-Human rights;
-EU integration;
-Social inclusion;
Left PRO EU Nenad Koprivica Think Tank
-Blakan policy makers and civil society
Montenegro Podgorica PASOS
48 Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE) 1991
Our mission is to provide objective economic analysis and to foster the quality of policy-making to improve the lives of Europeans and their neighbours.
-Conduct independent, high-quality research and analysis
-Advise governments, international organizations and the NGO sector
-Inform and encourage public debate
-Disseminate economic knowledge and research results
-Support the growth and independence of the NGO sector in post-communist countries
-Macroeconomic policy
-Eastern Europe
-Energy and climate change
Left PRO EU Ewa Balcerowicz Think Tank
-EU and Polich policy makers;
ERAWATCH Project based
Poland Warsaw ENEPRI ARETT
49 Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP) 1955
C.A.P applies expertise, research and strategy to current political challenges. The spectrum of issues ranges from concepts for EU reform, through analysis of security questions to models of education for tolerance. The C·A·P concentrates on future-oriented themes that farsighted policymaking must address today. Through the learning and network effects that they produce, these long-term projects produce sustainable effects in both the political arena and public opinion.
The C.A.P is divided into Research Groups that form the institutions working units. They produce analyses, position papers and workshops in their particular areas. At conferences, in publications and in the media, the Research Groups introduce strategies and policy options into the contemporary political discourse.
-European integration
-Modern Governance
-Civic Education
-Political Culture
Left PRO EU Werner Weidenfeld Think Tank
-German policy makers;
Germany Munich N/A
50 Centre for Liberal Strategies (CSL) 1994
Pursues academic depth while at the same time reacting to the current problems of the political, economic and social life in Bulgaria and EU and taking into account the context of today’s global world
Research projects:
Involvement in research projects coordinated by other institutes or think tanks
-Foreign Policy Bulgaria (bimonthly journal)
- Books
- Papers
- Conferences: roundtables on current issues
- Lectures by external speakers
- Economic history seminar
- Memorial lectures
Democratisation of post-communist countries Economic transition to market economy EU-Russian relations
Right PRO EU Ivan Krastev Think Tank
Bulgarian policy-makers
Brussels: working with CEPS and Open Society Institute/Soros Foundation (OSI); wish to reinforce outreach and presence
Bulgaria Sofia EPIN
51 Clingendael-Netherlands Institute of International Relations 1993
A think tank as well as a diplomatic academy in order to identify and analyse emerging political and social developments for the benefit of government and the general public
1) Diplomatic Studies
2) European Studies
3) Security and Conflict
4) International Energy
-European economic governance
-EU external action
-Global governance
-Conflict Negotiation
Centre- Left Reform EU Bernard Bot Think Tank
-Dutch institutions
-Business community
-International organisations
-Diplomatic services
DG Education
Netherlands Hague TEPSA EuroMeSCo EPIN
52 Danish Institute for International Studies 2002
Research, analysis and information activities in Denmark and EU in the area of international affairs, and comprising foreign affairs, security and development policy, conflict, Holocaust, genocide and politically motivated mass atrocities
1) Defence and security
2) Foreign policy and EU studies
3) Global economy regulation and development
4) Holocaust and genocide
5) Migration
6) Natural resources and poverty
7) Politics and development
8) The Middle East
- Briefs
- Working papers (25+ pages)
- Reports
- Books and book chapters
-EU foreign policy
-Sub-Sahara Africa
-Middle East
-Mass atrocities
-Agriculture and development
-Migration between EU and Africa
-Security and conflict
Left Reform EU Cecilie Banke Think Tank
-Postgraduate students
-Decision makers
-General public
Denmark Copenhagen TEPSA EuroMeSCo EPIN
53 Demos Europa Centre for European Strategy 2006
A platform for public debate and exchange of ideas on European integration, the European Union’s position at the global stage, broadly defined international relations and globalisation
1) ReNewed Europe (future policy)
2) Economy and society of tomorrow
3) The EU and the new global contract
-EU integration
-EU economics
-EU foreign policy
-Innovation and Entrepreneurship
-Energy and Climate
-EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood
-EU-China relations
-Emerging Powers
Right PRO EU Pawel Swieboda Think Tank
-Policymakers in Poland and at EU level
-Decision-makers in Poland and at EU level
-Independent experts and think tanks
-Wider public in Poland and in Europe
Poland Warsaw EPIN
54 Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Auswartige Politik (DGAP) 1945
Promoting public debate on foreign policy in Germany and EU [...] by bringing together high- ranking decision- makers from politics and business, scholars, and the interested public
- USA and Transatlantic Relations
- Security Policy
- Global Economy
- Near- and Middle-East
- Energy Policy
- EU/Europe
- Franco-German Relations
- Russia and Eurasia
- China and South-East Asia
- Papers
- Journals ( International Politik/German, IP Journal/ English, Online )
- Online knowledge portal (“”
-German and EU foreign policy
-Mediterranean and -Middle East
-Transatlantic relations
-Global governance
Centre- Left PRO EU Josef Braml Think Tank
-Policy-makers in Germany, Brussels, and other EU capitals
-Business community in Germany
-Think Tanks in the EU and the USA
Germany Berlin EuroMeSCo EPIN
55 Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (EVI) 2000
Promote a deeper understanding of international affairs and of Estonia’s and EU's role in a changing world by providing a forum for informed discussion, analysis and debate.
-2 publications a year;
-4 big conferences per year with TEPSA
-Regional security
-European Union integration and enlargement
-Developments in Russia
-Baltic Sea regional cooperation
Left PRO EU Andres Kasekamp Think Tank
-Diplomats and government officials;
-Academics and students Media
Estonia Tallinn TEPSA
56 European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) 1986
Our main goal today is to broker effective development partnerships between the EU and the Global South, particularly Africa. Our mission has two components: (i) to strengthen the policy management capacity of institutions and other players in the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific and (ii) to improve relations between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.
-We give priority to EU relations with the South, focusing on Africa while maintaining awareness of the global picture.
-We are non-partisan and act as an independent broker to foster the development of knowledge, viable ideas and options for policymakers and others.
-We favour long-term engagement, in line with the long-term policy processes that we follow.
-We take a practical approach and emphasise the “how” questions, complementing experiences at the national and regional levels with practical policy-oriented research.
-We systematically seek out new alliances and partnerships in order to pool resources and capacities, build ownership and increase impact.
-We approach stakeholder participation inclusively, seeking ways to bridge differences between actors through dialogue and knowledge sharing.
-Economic Governance
-Trade and Regional Integration
-Conflict, Security and Resilience
-EU External Action
-Food Security
Left PRO EU James Mackie Think Tank
-Policy makers in Netherlands and Brussels;
Netherlands Maastricht N/A
57 European Institute (EI) 1999 www.european
Enable the Bulgarian society to effectively participate in the process of formulation and implementation of European policies.
-Research activities:the emphasis is placed on wider policy areas related to EU accession and the enlargement process in general;
-Technical assistance:provision of advice to a range of governmental and non-governmental organizations on specific issues related to the EU accession;
-Raising public awareness:implementation of projects stimulating public debate on EU enlargement and informing the public at large about the costs and benefits of accession;
-Training and exchange of experience
-EU policies;
-EU citizenship;
-Gender studies
Left PRO EU N/A Think Tank
-Bulgarian civil society and policy makers
Bulgaria Sofia PASOS
58 European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) 2008
To provide relevant and high quality services to develop the capacities of public officials dealing with EU affairs, EIPA works along three lines: Learning & Development, Consultancy and Research.
-Consultancy; -Research; -Publications
-European Decision-Making
-European Public Management
-European Policies
-European Union Law
-Regional and EuroMed Activities
Centre- Left PRO EU Marga Prohl Think Tank
-Officials and policy makers;
Netherlands Maastricht N/A
59 European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI) 2000
The goals of the network are to foster the international diffusion of existing research, co-ordinate research plans, conduct joint research and increase public awareness of the European dimension of national economic policy issues.
The activities of ENEPRI include the organisation of workshops and conferences, the publication of working papers and the development of common research projects. These activities are co-ordinated and managed by CEPS.
EU Healthcare and active ageing
Think Tanks;
Network Network N/A
60 European Stability Initiative (ESI) 1999
Provide policy-makers with strategic analysis and policy recommendations in relation to promoting stability and prosperity in South Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus
- Policy reports
- Website (portals on enlargement, EU border and visa policy, and Turkey)
- Documentary films (e.g. Return to Europe, 2008)
- ESI Manuals on EU Enlargement
-Institution-building in the Western Balkans
-EU visa-liberalisation policy towards the Western Balkans, Turkey and EaP countries
-EU enlargement: Turkey, Western Balkans
Left PRO EU Gerald Knaus Think Tank
International and national institutions
DG Enlargement
Germany Berlin N/A
61 Europeum Institute for European Policy 1998
To contribute to a long-lasting development of democracy, security, stability, freedom and solidarity across Europe
1) EU Politics & Institutions
2) EU Policies & Budget
3) Global Europe
4) EU Enlargement & ENP
5) Democratisation & Transformation Co- operation
6) Freedom, Security & Justice
- Integrace magazine
- Books/compilation of articles on areas of specialisation
- Policy briefs and policy papers
- Research papers
- Newsletter
-Evolution of EU policies
-General political and institutional issues
-Citizenship & democracy within the EU
-EU external action
-Economic policy
-Regional and structural policy
-Democracy assistance, transformation cooperation
Centre- Left PRO EU David Král Think Tank
Policy-makers Journalists Academics and experts NGOs Public administration
-Europe for Citizens;
-European Commission;
-EC Representation in CZ;
Czech Republic Prague EPIN
62 Finnish Institute for International Affairs (FIIA) 2006
To produce high quality, topical information on international relations and the EU
1) EU (internal/ external)
2) EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia
3) Global Security
- Reports
- FIIA comments/ columns
- Briefing papers
- Working papers
- Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs
- News
-EU policies
-Baltic region
-Defence and security
-Peace mediation
Centre- Right Reform EU Mika Aaltola Think Tank
-Academic community
-Wider public
Marie Curie
Finland Helsinki TEPSA EuroMeSCo EPIN
63 Forum Euromediterraneen des Instituts de Sciences Economiques (FEMISE) 2005
The association was established with 52 Founding members of EU-Med national non-profit institutes that undertake economic and social research and represent the two sides of the Mediterranean and it has the following objectives:
-To conduct policy research and make recommendations with respect to economic relations between Europe and their Mediterranean partners;
-To publish and disseminate this research for the benefit of public and private, national and multilateral institutions,
-To work for the broadest possible dissemination by the most appropriate means.
Not active since 2013
Research and conferences on Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
Euro-Mediterranean Partnership;
Left PRO EU Frederic Blanc Network
Euro-Mediterranean civil society
Network Network N/A
64 Fundacion Alternativas 1997
To offer channel for political, social economic and cultural reflection in Spain and Europe in the context of growing globalization
Our areas of work range from issues of a socio-economic nature (such as the model of growth for the Spanish economy, systems of family support, or the challenges facing the welfare state) to those related to the quality of democracy and the security of the public from crime (fight against terrorism, mafias, vandalism, etc), taking in other issues of interest, such as protecting the environment, culture or combating discrimination or foreign, security and defence policy.
-Spanish economy;
-human trafficking
Left PRO EU Portabella Rafols Think Tank
-Spanish decision-makers;
-Civil society;
Spain Madrid EuroMeSCo
65 Fundacion para las Relaciones Internacionales yel Dialogo Exterior (FRIDE) 1999
A European think tank for global action, which provides innovative thinking and rigorous analysis of key debates in international relations
Research programmes:
- Democracy
- Emerging Powers
- Global Governance and Multilateralism
- Threats to Peace and Security
- Fragile States and Energy Security
- EU-Asia Relations
- European Approach to Central Asia
- Europe and its Strategic Partnership
-Crisis and EU foreign policy
-Europe and the reshaped global order
-Changing approaches to security
-The new Middle East
Centre- Left PRO EU Diego Hidalgo Think Tank
-Spanish policy- makers
-Think tanks
- Early Warning
Spain Madrid EuroMeSCo
66 Fundacion Real Instituto Elcano 2001 www.realinstituto
Aims to establish a global strategy resulting in political proposals having a practical application
1) Spain’s Global Presence
2) Energy and Climate Change: Challenges and Responses
3) The Priorities of Global Security
4) Spain and the Bicentennials
-Research themes:
Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean and the Arab World
-The United States and Transatlantic Dialogue
-The Asia-Pacific region
-Sub-Saharan Africa
-Security and defence
-Economy and international trade
-International cooperation and development
-Spain’s image abroad and public opinion
-Demographics and population
-Language and culture
-International terrorism
Right PRO EU Felix Arteaga Think Tank
-Private sector
-Spanish decision- makers both public and private
Spain Madrid EPIN TEPSA
67 German Development Institute 1964
To build bridges between theory and practice.
DIE draws together the knowledge of development research available worldwide, dedicating its work to key issues facing the future of international cooperation. DIE’s research is theory-based, empirically backed, and application-oriented.
-Social Development;
-Environmental Policy;
-World Economy
Centre- Left PRO EU Messner Dirk Think Tank
-German government;
Germany Bonn N/A
68 Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) 2007
To help governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to understand the fast-changing environment and seeks to anticipate the challenges of the future with practical policy solutions and advice.
HCSS conducts its activities independently and in collaboration with its large network of affiliated experts. Our products are diverse: full-fledged reports, issue briefs, quick topic reports, and commentaries in the media. These products include strategic surveys, innovative policy recommendations, trend and scenario analyses, risk assessments, geopolitical and regional security analyses, conflict analyses, operational evaluations and identification of lessons learned. HCSS is also a platform for the exchange of ideas and development of new concepts and strategic insights.
-EU policies;
-Security issues;
Centre- Right PRO EU Rob de Wijk
-Corporate members;
Netherlands Hague N/A
69 Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) 1988
To provide a forum for public debate on issues of European integration and international relations and to conduct scientific research that contributes to a better informed and documented knowledge
1) European Integration
2) Migration
3) Security and Regional Developments
4) Transatlantic Relations
- Books
- Policy papers
- ELIAMEP thesis
- Working papers
- Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
- Briefing notes
-EU policies
-Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy
-Migration, integration and multiculturalism
-Greek foreign and security policy
-EU-Turkey relations
-Southeastern Europe Mediterranean/Middle East -Energy
Left PRO EU Loukas Tsoukalis Think Tank
-Academic & research community
-Policy-makers on all levels
-Civil servants
-Civil society
FP6; FP7; European Direct; LLP;
Greece Athens EuroMeSCo EPIN TGAE
70 Institut Fur Europaische Politik E.V. (IEP) 1959
To apply scholarly investigation to issues of European politics and integration, propose ways forward and promote the practical implementation of its research findings
Research: 1) Debate on the future of the EU
2) Germany & Europe
3) Neighbourhood & Enlargement
4) European Foreign & Security Policy
5) Energy & Climate Policy
- Annual Yearbook of European Integration
- Quarterly journal Integration
- Web projects
- Policy papers
-EU integration
-German EU policy
-Eastern Neighbourhood
-Climate change
Left Reform EU Werner Hoyer Think Tank
-Civil society
Europe for Citizens
Germany Berlin TEPSA
71 Institute for Security and Development 2007
To expanding the understanding of international affairs, particularly the interrelationship between conflict, security and development
-Eastern Europe;
Centre- Right Reform EU Frederick Starr Think Tank
-Policy makers;
Sweden Stockholm N/A
72 Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) 1991
Provides members with in-depth analysis of EU and international developments and their implications for Ireland and Europe
1) Climate Change & Energy
2) Digital Future
3) International Financial Architecture
4) Future of Europe
Publications :
- Annual reports
- Reports
- Briefing notes
- Books and pamphlets (within work programmes
-Digital Europe
-Energy and Climate Change
Right PRO EU Tom Arnold Think Tank
-Irish Government and Parliament
-Industry and financial services
-Diplomatic corporations
Ireland Dublin TEPSA
73 Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) 1995
To elevate the quality of Polish and European public debate, to make it merit-oriented and focused on problem- solving and knowledge-building
1) European Programme
2) Social Policy
3) Civil Society
4) Migration
5) Law and Democratic Institutions
-Polish institutions and public debate
-European integration
-Polish European and Foreign policy,
-Social policy,
-Migration and integration policy
-Law and justice
-Polish and European civil society
-Central and Eastern Europe
Left PRO EU Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz Think Tank
-Poland, EU, Eastern Partnership countries
-Civil servants
-Academia and students
Europe for Citizens European Parliament
Poland Warsaw EuroMeSCo EPIN
74 Instituto Affari Internationali (IAI) 1965
To promote an understanding of the problems of international politics [...] with the aim of increasing the opportunities of all countries to move in the direction of supranational organisation, democratic freedom and social justice
1) EU Institutions and Policies
2) EU and Neighbourhood
3) Security and Defence
4) International Political Economics
5) Mediterranean and Middle East
6) Transatlantic Relations
7) Italian Foreign Policy
-EU external action
-Mediterranean space
-Transatlantic relations
Left PRO EU Gianni Bonvicini Think Tank
-Civil society
-European and Italian institutions
-Media and general public
Italy Rome TEPSA EuroMeSCo EPIN
75 Instituto de Estudos Estrategicos e Internacionais (IEEI) 1980
promotion of research and debate on international issues in its various dimensions – political, military, economic, social, cultural and information
- Bimonthly journal
- Biannual magazine
- Articles
- Analyse
-Human trafficking
- Europe
- Mediterranean
- Middle East
- Africa
- Latin America
- Asia
Research themes:
- Regional integration and cooperation
- International and interregional cooperation
- Foreign
- Security and defence (at Portuguese and European levels
- Transition to democracy, security and stability
Centre- Left PRO EU N/A Think Tank
-Decision-makers, military, diplomats and politicians
-Journalists and the media
-Academia and students
-Business community
Portugal Lisbon TEPSA EuroMeSCo
76 Instituto per gli Studi di Politica Internationale (ISPI) 1934
A sound pragmatic approach, based on monitoring the various geo- political areas and interpreting the major trends in progress on the global scene, so as to provide political and economic operators with reliable information and guidance
Research programmes:
- Africa
- Caucasus & Central Asia
- European Union
- Mediterranean & Middle East
- Russia & EU Eastern Neighbours
- Security & Strategic Studies
Research projects:
- South Asia (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran)
- Latin Amercia (Argentina and Brasil)
- China & East Asia
- Human Rights
- Disarmament
- Energy security
- Economic governance
-International relations
-International economics
-European economic governance
-Italian foreign policy
Left PRO EU Paolo Magri Think Tank
-National and international institutions
-Business community
-Academics and experts
-General public
Italy Milan EuroMeSCo
77 International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) 1998
To provide useful advice and produces ideas as well as policy recommendations for the Black Sea region
The Centre elaborates and publishes research papers and studies, organises a variety of scientific events, and manages research projects that seek to foster a comprehensive and cohesive approach towards important issues of the Black Sea region, with explicit measurable (qualitatively and quantitatively) results and gains at both the academic and political level.
-Black Sea region;
-EU foreign policy;
-Gender studies;
Left PRO EU Zdravko Pavicevic Think Tank
Greece Athens N/A
78 Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) 2001 www.ipc.
To foster academic research in social sciences and its application to policy making. We are firmly committed to providing decision-makers, opinion leaders, academics, and general public with innovative and objective analyses in key domestic and foreign policy issues. IPC has expertise in a wide range of areas, including—but not exhaustive to—Turkey-EU-U.S. relations, education, climate change, current trends of political and social transformation in Turkey, as well as the impact of civil society and local governance on this metamorphosis.
-Turkey-EU Relations;
-Climate Change;
Left PRO EU Fuat Keyman Think Tank
-Civil society;
Turkey Istanbul N/A
79 Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) 1989
to conduct social science research on the development of European societies and their political systems from both a comparative and an integration perspective. The Centre has a strong analytical-empirical and comparative tradition, contributing to theoretical developments and to substantial knowledge.
-European integration;
-Democratic Multi-level Governance;
-EU social issues
Left PRO EU Thomas Brauninger Think Tank
-Local governments;
Germany Mannheim N/A
80 Mediterranean Policy Centre (MPC) 2000
To work towards knowledge-based intellectual and autonomous progress in activities, and the execution of a self-sufficient, sustainable and competitive structure.
-Mediterranean policy;
-EU-Turkey relations
Left PRO EU Lorenzo Morris Think Tank
-Public and private sector
Cyprus Nicosia N/A
81 Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) 1945
To analyse the effects of current and future government policies.
CPB does scientific research aimed at contributing to the economic decision-making process of politicians and policymakers.
-Economic Policy Analysis
Right PRO EU Laura van Geest Think Tank
-Dutch policy makers;
Netherlands Hague N/A
82 Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS) 2003
Aims to promote and protect democracy, human rights and open society values – including the rule of law, good governance, and economic and social development – by supporting civil society organisations that individually and jointly foster public participation in public policy issues at the European Union level, in other European and global structures, and in the wider neighbourhood of Europe and Central Asia.
Democracy and Human Rights
-Development of effective strategies to promote and improve good governance, human rights (including minority rights), democracy and the rule of law
-Human security, including internal and external migration, the impact of migration, and related challenges at national and international levels
-Coping with the challenges of transition, ethno-cultural diversity, and conflicts
-Visa liberalisation and facilitating free movement of people.
Good Governance and Open Economy
-Transition to an open, free-market economy based on the rule of law
-Governance and anti-corruption strategies
-Ethics in government and political parties, accountable and participatory policy-making, and freedom of information.
-Human Rights;
-Eastern neighbourhood
Left PRO EU 56 members; BCSP; CASE;CESD Network
-Policy makers in Bruxelles;
Europe for Citizens; EACEA
Network Network N/A
83 Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) 1996
A leading and independent think tank that conducts original, policy- focused research
1) International Security
2) Energy, Climate, Law
3) Global Issues
4) Bilateral Relations in Europe
5) European Union
-EU integration
-Global governance
-International political economy
-Non-proliferation and disarmament
-European Neighbourhood Policy
Centre- Right PRO EU Marcin Zaborowski Think Tank
-National and -European Institutions
-NGOs and think tanks
Poland Warsaw N/A
84 Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) 1974
RSCAS is devoted to inter-disciplinary, comparative, and policy research on the major issues on the European integration process.
-European Institutions, Governance, and Democracy;
-Economic and Monetary Policy;
-Competition Policy and Market Regulation;
-Energy Policy and Climate Policy
Centre- Right PRO EU Brigid Laffan Think Tank
-Policy makers;
Italy Fiesole N/A
85 Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) 1993
Its overall goal is to enable open space for free exchange of opinions and ideas on the scope of foreign policy
1) European Studies
2) International Security
3) Central and Southeastern Europe
4) Eastern Europe
5) Economic Policy and Development Aid
-Foreign policy
-Slovak & EU relations
-EU integration
EU neighbourhood
Centre- Left PRO EU Juraj Stern Think Tank
-Diplomatic missions in Slovakia
-Universities in Slovakia and Central Europe
-European think tanks,
-European and overseas civil organisations
Slovakia Bratislava EPIN
86 Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) 1962
Provide research-based policy- oriented analysis to the Bundestag, federal government and other institutions on the full range of international and European affairs
1) EU Integration
2) EU External Summary
3) International Security
4) The Americas
5) Russian Federation/CIS
6) Middle East and Africa
7) Asia
8) Global issues
- Papers
- Studies
- Comments
- Journal reviews
- Books
- Newsletters
-International relations
-EU and German external action
-Defence and security
-Global governance
-Regional conflicts and political developments (Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America)
Centre- Left PRO EU Volker Perthes Think Tank
-German Chancellery and Federal ministries,
-German Parliament
-German policy-makers in Brussels: Permanent Representation, MEPs, NATO delegatio
Germany Berlin EPIN TGAE BTTD
87 Swedish Institute for European Studies (SIEPS) 2002
- to conduct analysis and research on current developments in the EU and Swedish European policy; - to spread (and make available) this research and analysis to policymakers at various levels; - to be active in international networks and exchanges within our field
1) European Economic Policy
2) EU Political and Constitutional System
3) Common Climate and Energy Policy
3) EU External Relations
4) European Internal Market – Challenges for Free Movement
5) Member States and European Integration
-EU integration
-EU economics
-EU internal and external policies
Centre- Right Reform EU Per Cramer Think Tank
Swedish and EU policy makers
Sweden Stockholm EPIN TGAE
88 Swedish Institute of International Affairs 1938
To analyse the circumstances of the world’s countries and provide an in-depth knowledge based on research, global events and processes in our world
Geographic focus:
1) Europe
2) North America
3) Russia
4) East Asia
Research themes:
1) Foreign policy and international negotiations
2) Defence and security
3) Democracy and development
4) Governance and institutions
5) Globalisation and information society
-Swedish foreign policy
-EU external relations
-EU internal security
-Internet and democracy
-Security and development
-Private business
-Security and conflict
Centre- Right Reform EU Anna Jardfelt Think Tank
-Swedish government and Parliament
-Embassies, consulates, organisations
-General public
Sweden Stockholm TEPSA
89 Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) 1994
To serve as a bridge between academic research and policy-making process in Turkey and EU.
-Foreign Policy
-Good Governance
-Turkey and EU relations
Left PRO EU Yasar Mete Sayici Think Tank
-Civil Society;
-Policy Makers
Turkey Istanbul N/A