Democracy Forum – Erasmus Plus dissemination

Erasmus Plus dissemination

Organization: Explorator

Project Title: Democracy Forum

The project aims to raise the awareness of a group of 24 young people regarding the importance of participation in community life, expressed through conscious participation in the voting process.

The project will take place in Craiova and in Budapest and will last for 5 months. The main aim of the project is that the participants will understand the role of European institutions and for achieving this objective the participants will make a visit to the Parliaments, Romanian and Hungarian. Also, the young participants will apply public polls and will handle a dynamic web site, for promotion of stimulating messages for participation in the voting process of young people.

Also, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss with decision makers at local, regional and national levels. The experience and the conclusions will be promoted during the closing ceremony of the project.

Funding Source: YIA, 1.3.

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