Cities on the Wall

We are Vezirköprü National Education Management Office, a non-profit government organization that provides education for all schools in Vezirköprü County in SAMSUN, TURKEY. As an education provider we take part lots of national and international projects in the roles of both provider and promoter. We aim to improve educational and management skills as a provider by sharing experiences with organizations from different countries in Europe.
By this way we can use more advanced and socially approved techniques in all areas of education. In order to discuss innovative ideas in areas such as volunteering & youth participation, active participation in the decision making processes and strategic planning & project management.We can establish eternal bonds between many countries and school altogether. Art is a good way of doing this. Thus, we are proudly present “Cities on the Wall project” which includes teachers and students from different partner countries will visit each others schools throughout the year in certain periods and each country draw their characteristic and unique city landscapes, natural and cultural beatuies as well as historical buildings on the walls of partner country schools. By this way our cities will live on the walls of different countries and All of partner teachers and students will both enjoy and learn lots of new things about that specific countries and thier unique historical prosperities. Workshops, websites, e-magazines, and even shortfilms can be prepared to present out works better. By applying these types of activities we can be both good friends and see the world through one anothers’ eyes which is very important for all people somehow related with education. Cities on the Wall will give our youths an amazing chance to learn by experiencing. We have approximately two months to apply for the NA grant for our project. You can be partner with us and make our dreams come true.

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