Movement in EU: Countries to where the European brains move

Movement in EU Gain or drain: How many professionals moved within Europe in the last ten years? Which are the countries that attract qualified workers, which countries suffer from the […]

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Startup‬ rates are still below pre-crisis levels in most Euro-area countries

Earlier this month the ‪OECD‬ published the 4th edition of ‘Entrepreneurship at a Glance‘. The publication is a collection of indicators for measuring the state of ‪entrepreneurship‬ and its determinants. […]

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Coaching vs. mentoring: what works best for teachers?

Coaching vs. mentoring: Most teachers have been mentored at some point in their career – whether as a PGCE student, a newly qualified teacher (NQT) or after a promotion. Not […]

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Why Coding is the New Pink

Earlier this year, Google was offering vouchers for women and minorities for free classes of coding. More specifically, Google was paying for a three months course for anyone from these […]

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European Commission Traineeship – Apply now for Blue Book

Want to get involved more closely with European Union? Apply for a traineeship with the European Commission before the 29th August 2014. Each year the European Commission sees more than 600 trainees spread […]

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Improving your teaching methods freely with Google Classroom

Google Classroom is An Education Platform For Teacher-Student Communication Access Google Classroom here. As a former high school math teacher, I know all too well that teachers spend a ton […]

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Study in EU – €16 billion of scholarships available in Europe each year

Many students abandon their aspirations to study abroad as they are unable to find appropriate funding, not knowing there is a whole spectrum of scholarships available in Europe. Those scholarships […]

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Erasmus+ presented by BBC

For a generation of European students, the Erasmus programme has been synonymous with having a good time while studying in another country. Three million students have taken part in this […]

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Erasmus+ Sport

The role of sport in times of crisis: jobs, integration

In these tough times of crisis, all efforts must be made to support job creation and provide young people with key skills that will help them to find a job […]

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Erasmus+ broadens your horizons

In my work as an MEP I often meet with young people at schools, where I explain the functioning of the EU and of the European Parliament. On these occasions […]

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