Beauty in Variety – Erasmus Plus dissemination

Erasmus plus dissemination

Organization: Federata e Familjes per Paqe Boterore dhe Bashkim

Project Title: Beauty in Variety

The project consisted of a 8 days cultural workshop for 35 young people from 5 nations, 7 persons from each: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, UK and Italy under a theme of “Beauty in Variety”. Participants spent this time together at a seminar center in Mullet, near Tirana. During this time they had a chance to make presentations on culture and history of their respective countries, share traditional food, and enjoy music and dances. They shared their experiences and discussed what they learned in small groups, made up of different nationalities each.

Doing various small chores together in these groups also contributed towards better understanding and going beyond boundaries. Participants also made a few outings to Tirana and Kruja where they visited the historical sites and museums, and had a chance to meet an Albanian artist, learning about the restrictions artists faced during communist time and Albania’s way towards democracy and its challenges.

Afternoons and evenings were dedicated to sports and talent shows, what contributed towards learning a healthy lifestyle, mutualunderstanding between cultures and common European citizenship, as well as building lasting friendships. A culminating part of the program was preparation of a common cultural show, which was presented to the students of an elementary school in Mullet, and to the general population of the village the next day.

Before the performance, participants went to invite personally inhabitants of the village door to door, what gave them an opportunity to experience Albanian hospitality first hand, and get a direct culture experience. A very positive part of the project was interest from the side of media, what gave the participants a precious and challenging experience of participating in three tv shows, two of them live.

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